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Reset Scenery is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing the Scottish Entertainment Industry with an environmentally responsible circular alternative to landfill for its unwanted scenery, props and furniture.

It was founded in 2018 by professional scenic fabricators Matt Doolan and Simon Cook who often felt like they were “building for the skip” due to the fast paced, short production cycles common to the Stage, Screen and Events sectors. This high waste environment motivated them to find better uses for the hundreds of tonnes of scenery created and lost to landfill in Scotland every year.  


Reset Scenery’s core aims are to:

  • Create a circular marketplace unique to the Scottish creative industries helping them to retain valuable resources, whilst using the materials to the full extent of their lifespan

  • Create a more sustainable open loop system, significantly reducing the volume of waste going to landfill

  • Create a resource cascade of high-quality items, making them available to all levels of the Scottish Stage, Screen and Events sectors

  • Create a green resource hub accessible to all levels, from international screen companies to local community drama groups



Reset Scenery offers a number of services to assist companies in moving towards cleaner, greener productions.

Sales & Hires

We hold a huge range of reclaimed scenic items available for sale or hire at prices that are typically 45% cheaper than having them fabricated from scratch, saving you money and carbon.

Check out our stock page to see what’s available in our warehouse today.


Whether it’s the venue at the end of your tour, a soundstage or even your stores we can clear it for you ensuring that your unwanted scenery will be handled and repurposed responsibly. We will work closely with you to set bespoke terms of reuse, giving you peace of mind that your original design and IP are protected. 


When an item of scenery has no further uses we will break it down, separating the mix of materials used to create it, recovering as much viable material as possible for future builds and ensuring the remainder ends up in the right recycling stream rather than a mixed waste landfill skip.


To help small scale, community and school groups make the most of our resources, we offer training in the use of hand and power tools, construction techniques and the fundamentals of scenery, all tailored to your needs and existing skill level, fostering the next generation of sustainable artists.

Carbon Calculator


Not sure how green your set is? We can help you calculate the carbon costs associated with your scenery, helping you select more sustainable materials for your production.


Scottish Opera
Scottish Opera

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National Theatre of Scotland
National Theatre of Scotland

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Scottish Opera
Scottish Opera

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Andrew Storer,

Technical Director of 

Scottish Opera

This is a much needed and long overdue addition to the production ecology of Scotland...

...It is only right that all of us in involved in the theatre and film production industry in Scotland make far better use of these precious resources in the challenging times ahead. Reset Scenery could not have been formed at a more important time to provide an essential link between the original creators and future potential customers.

Gemma Swallow,

Technical Director of National Theatre of Scotland

They are promoting a best practice circular economy that we desperately need to be following to fight the growing climate crisis, and their plans to incorporate pathways into the sector through employment and training into their remit can only be good news...

...Reset Scenery is a vital cog in that mechanism. I hope that we can continue to grow our relationship with them and in turn help them to grow to be able to support and resource as many partners as possible.

Kirsty Currie, 

Set and Costume Designer

We recently used Reset Scenery for a production of ‘ Julius Caesar' at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland...

...The whole process from the transport and storage of the tiles and the build itself was made so simple and easy with the amazing help from Simon and Matt of Reset Scenery. It saved us a lot of time/labour/money - it was such a huge help to us on a low budget show. Highly recommend!



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